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Wonderful customer service

Nick and his team have been w great to work with. They are professional and the customer service is top notch. Will do business in the near future

(6 Vials) Hydrafacial Glysal Peel MD 30% Glycolic & 1.5% Salicyclic Acid Booster for sale

Hydrafacial Activ-4 Serum 8 fl oz for sale
Faiza Salam

Hydrafacial Activ-4 Serum 8 fl oz for sale

2018 Lumenis M22 for Sale *Low Shot Count*

I will continue giving this company my business

In my first 2 years of having my Spa open I have a bad taste in my mouth with the way I have been treated. Most companies are simply too big to value the sales from a small business like mine. It seems that they barely have the time to sell to me and there's simply to follow up after.

Offer Aesthetic has been so refreshing to me! The products are Top Notch and so is the service. This is especially important to me in today's climate where good customer service seems to be a thing of the past. This company stands behind their products.
Desert Rain Skin

(6 Vials) Hydrafacial Glysal Prep 7.5% Glycolic & 2% Salicyclic Acid for sale

New Hydrafacial Treatment Pack Glysal Peel 15%, Activ4, BetaHD, Antiox+, Rinseaway & 45 Tips Hydratreament Pack for Sale
Travis K
Fast shipping & Great product

Everything arrived perfectly in a short time frame with great pricing. I will be reordering from this company. Thank you!

(6 Vials) Hydrafacial Britenol Booster Serum for Sale

Hydrafacial Serums

I love the served and the products I have a so many happy customers!!Thank you


Excellent service top to bottom!!

Hydrafacial Activ-4 Serum 8 fl oz for sale
Chloe Merkel

Hydrafacial Activ-4 Serum 8 fl oz for sale

Great Product and Service

The equipment was shipped quickly and was in great working condition. Thanks

Great experience

Amazing customer service & products! Thank you! Super fast shipping!

Fast shipping ever

Perfect service, perfect price, perfect quality, trustfull payment...we are happy!!! Thank you guys

Packed well and Fast shipping. Great pricing

2014 Hydrafacial MD Tower w/ Treatment Packs for Sale
Michelle Jang
HydraFacial MD Tower

Thanks to Nick for helping me out with the item purchased. He is the BEST!!!
He is a professional and knowledgeable guy. 100% satisfied with him. The item packaging very well and fast shipping. Truly & highly recommend.

(6 Vials) Hydrafacial Glysal Peel 15% Glycolic & 1.5% Salicyclic Acid Booster for Sale
Ljubov Kravciv

(6 Vials) Hydrafacial Glysal Peel 15% Glycolic & 1.5% Salicyclic Acid Booster for Sale

nick is great person to deal with

Great service

Great service, the visa gen 7 booth was in excelent condition, the computer was in impecable condition, everything works as expected


Perfect condition! Just like the description.


Great machine and even better customer service. My equipment arrived early and just as described.

(6 Vials) Hydrafacial Protec Plus Booster Serum for Sale
Tracy A
Protec Plus Booster

Love this! Amazing product and great customer service. Im so happy I found OfferAesthetic!


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