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  • 2020 Sciton mJoule For Sale - Offer Aesthetic

    2020 Sciton mJoule For Sale

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    We have a late 2020 Sciton mJoule model machine for sale. Build date is 12.31.2020. The system is in excellent working and cosmetic condition and includes the following items with the purchase: 2020 Sciton mJoule Base Module BBL Hero Handpiece BBL Filters: 420, 515, 560, 590ST, 640, 695ST, 800ST Finesse Adapters 15x15mm Square, 11mm Round, 7mm Round, 45x15mm Large, 15x15mm Moxi Handpiece Moxi Tips: 6 Foot Pedal Power Cord Manual 30 Day Guarantee Included In Stock and Ready to Ship!

    Out of stock



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